Welcome to my blog!

My name is Miles Catenza, and this website exists to organize my journey as not just a learner, but an up and coming innovator getting ready to begin my career. Here, archives and aspirations stand side by side to showcase my development in an educational environment and exactly how I’m going to use that development to achieve my goals. What exactly are those goals?

InNOVAtion Lab

Currently, I am enrolled in a class called InNOVAtion Lab, in which we attempt to use design thinking to rework the way we “do” school. The class was founded under Perkiomen Valley High Schools’ mission statement, “Do school different“, by Garreth Heidt, an English teacher who has consistently experimented with new theories of education all in the hopes of improving the way we learn. I, along with many others, have joined him in this task, testing new methods such as Project Wayfinder, Design Workshops, and Project-Based Learning. With help, I’m currently utilizing elements of the Design Cycle to solve real-world problems in conjunction with my peers, making the world a better place by developing new ideas.


The rapidly growing field of eSports is difficult to break into without extensive connections or ludicrous skill, but breaking in exactly what I intend to do. For a little over a year, I have been developing my online presence with the goal in mind of one day commentating eSports professionally. As of the beginning of my senior year, I’ve already commentated for small to medium-sized organizations and charity tournaments, joined, lead, and managed a decently placing eSports team, and even produced my own tournament right here in my community. As the year progresses, I will continue to grow my brand, make connections, and lay the groundwork for what will one day become my career.