Collaboration and Trust


Since I am beginning to commentate with a partner for the first time thanks to the Rose Cup, I figure it’s a good time to look at some advice on working together when weaving the narrative. Therefore, this week I found an article called Trusting Your Co-Caster on, and it’s great.

I’ve talked before about how commentating is much more about weaving a narrative that just informing the audience what’s going on, so it’s easy to take the next step and say having a co-caster is like practicing collaborative storytelling. You both work together from different angles to create a compelling tale for the audience, looking at the events playing out emotionally and analytically and recounting them in an entertaining way. Therefore, with the idea of collaborative storytelling in mind, I’ll move onto the meat of the article, a concept everyone who’s ever taken InNOVAtion lab is very familiar with.

To create a good story on the fly, you and your partner need to continuously build off of each other, and there’s no better tool for that than Yes And. Essentially, it’s just easier improvisation. Instead of having one vague prompt in the beginning, you have a constantly evolving prompt playing out before you that needs to be spun into entertainment by you and your co-caster. While that constant reminder of what you’re supposed to be improvising is important, it’s also incredibly easy to be nonsensical, where is where Yes And comes in. As long as you’re constantly building off the previous thing your partner said, the audience can follow the progression, and that’s the first step to talking about video games really well.

Obviously there’s many more intricacies to casting with a partner, and I’ll learn more and more about them the more I do it. For example, one thing this article doesn’t cover is ensuring the pace of your Yes And matches the pace of the game, or else you’ll either lag behind or skip key events. However, overall, I have no complaints, and I’ll definitely keep my impov experience in mind tonight when I’m casting.

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