The Next Level

In Make it 100, I find myself with less and less to do as an organizer, so now I turn my eyes to a new endeavor. As many of you may know, I’ve always had a passion for eSports, and plan to make it my career one day. Despite its reputation as a collection of toxic gamers playing in their basement, it’s one of the fastest-growing sports phenomena of our time. Not only that, but it unites a vast and diverse community of people who want to see their favorite games pushed to their limits. It’s that community that I want to focus on. While some are strong and focused, the community for my favorite game, Overwatch, is anything but. However, I can see the potential in such a complex game, and I hope to plant the seeds for a better community through this project.

An extended look back on Overwatch APEX Season 1 - Inven ...
Apex Season One, One of the first big Overwatch tournaments

Overwatch is a game many people have already declared dead, and it’s not hard to see why. As the game tried to get the world to take it seriously, it did the one thing few games had ever done before, it succeeded. Sponsors, players, and developers alike all rushed to the Overwatch League, a franchise so big that it airs on everything from ESPN to Disney XD. However, in the rush to get in on the gold, everything that existed before the league was left to gather dust. Without their organizers and content creators, most communities withered up and died, with servers that once held hundreds only acting as a group chat for two or three people. This, as you’ve already guessed, is not something one man can fix. However, if I can do one thing to remind the community of the good old days, and maybe bring back a couple of old faces, then the foundation for a better Overwatch will have been created. More on this will follow as it develops, so stay tuned!

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