Laying the Groundwork

InNOVAtion Lab is a class all about design thinking and how to apply it to our lives, and while we’ve done plenty of thinking, the time of action is rapidly approaching. This is not to say, of course, that our period to develop ideas individually and as a community was wasted. In fact, from my perspective, the enriching experiences we’ve gone through in these past few weeks will deliver amazing returns when our projects truly get underway.


While our community building, conference calling, and idea pitching were all excellent, I personally feel that they all culminated in our field trip to B. PHL Innovation Fest in Philadephia, PA. There, we made the leap from practicing these design thinking concepts in games and workshops to seeing how experts such as Duncan Wardle teach representatives of major corporations how to apply innovation to their business practices. While it was a lot to take in, getting thrown in headfirst allowed our class to work right along with the professionals, gaining the same insight the biggest brands on Earth now seek.


Now that we’ve seen the extent to which companies will go to facilitate thinking like we practice now, the potential of our class isn’t just hypothetical. Capital Blue, the hosts of B. PHL Innovation Fest, has invested tens of thousands in creating a space for people like us to help them, and that alone is such a tangible award for those skeptical of the simple end goal of purpose. Nonetheless, a lab like the one in the Capital Blue building is the future, and now that we’re back it’s time to turn our attention to what we can do now.


While I work on developing Shooting Shields (my esports project) on the side, I’ll be assisting my classmate Taja in her endeavor to set up an interschool voter registration program. Not only is this a cause I believe in, but it also gives me a chance to practice organizing for large scale events such as my tournament. My duties in the voter registration program will involve being the middleman, connecting with local voter registration programs and other schools so, with luck and hard work, we can register as many people as possible.

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