Let’s Eat: Jotting Down Some Notes

Hello everybody! I’m back, despite the school’s attempts to black my blog out. Regardless, Let’s Eat is coming along nicely, albeit not in the way I originally intended. At this point in time, I had expected to have the design of the book entirely worked out, the recipes being added in later. Instead, I got six recipes written out this week with only a week page prototype to slap them into. Luckily, that gives me a very target to shoot for in the coming week; get that digital cookbook DONE! While this is a daunting task, especially for someone who’s never done anything of this caliber before, I know that with the power of professional cookbooks and online tutorials, everything will turn out fine!

Kimchi, Baechu Kimchi, Korean Food, Traditional Food
Some Delicious Kimchi!

Enough talking about fancy things like “graphic design” and “descriptive writing”, lets get down to the real highlight of this project, the food! When I gave my elevator pitch (which I discussed in detail in the last blog post), the first thing out of the audience’s mouth was a request for a sample. However, to do this, I had to find a dish of my dad’s that’s vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. Fortunately, I remembered one recipe from nearly a year ago that did the trick just fine, Kimchi Potato Salad. This twist on a German classic switches out vinegar for kimchi, giving it a Korean kick! The kimchi juice absorbs deep into the potatoes, both softening them and making them a delight I just can’t wait to share with the class!

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